Thesis and project supervision

If you’d like to work with me, please reach out introducing yourself and stating why you are interested in working with me, as well as your background and any relevant experience. It would help a lot if you also provided a list of four or five more concrete topics that you are interested in. If you’re a MSc student at IT University of Copenhagen, please reach out stating [ITU master’s thesis] or [ITU research project] at the start of the subject.

If you have an idea for a PhD or postdoc position that you’d like to pursue with me, have a look at the current DDSA funding opportunities (PhD, postdoc) and reach out.

Here are some of the general research directions that I would be interested in. Feel free to also look at my publications.

  • Language model analysis: identifying the types of knowledge acquired from language model pre-training
  • Language processing strategies: do NLP models perform well for the right reasons? What strategies should they follow when solving reasoning tasks?
  • Robustness and generalization: do NLP models reliably perform their tasks out of training distribution, and what can we do to help them?
  • NLP system auditing and documentation: establishing the cases where a system is safe to deploy
  • NLP system interpretability: how can we establish how a deep learning model arrives at its decisions?
  • Sustainable NLP: how can we build systems that work well, but don’t require billions of parameters and terabytes of data?