I am a post-doctoral associate at the University of Copenhagen (), working with the research groups in the Center for Social Data Science and Machine Learning section. My main research area is Natural Language Processing. I work on interpretability and evaluation of deep learning models, as well as computational social science.

Before moving to Denmark, I was a postdoctoral research associate in the University of Massachusetts, working with Anna Rumshisky on sentiment analysis, temporal annotation, question answering and analysis of meaning representations. I hold a Ph.D. degree from the Department of Language and Information Sciences at the University of Tokyo (Japan).


21.09.2021 An invited talk at Toronto ML Summit on the real-world effects of the data we use in NLP.

31.08.2021 New blog post: BERT Busters: Outlier Dimensions that Disrupt Transformers.

25.08.2021 New paper in EMNLP Findings 2021: ‘Just What do You Think You’re Doing, Dave?’ A Checklist for Responsible Data Use in NLP

14.08.2021 Interview on peer review for Science Report

03.08.2021 Virtual talk at ACL2021: Changing the world by changing the data

30.06.2021My first podcast interview! Talking to the Gradient Podcast about peer review.

27.07.2021 New preprint with Matt Gardner and Isabelle Augenstein: QA Dataset Explosion

17.06.2021 Virtual talk at L3-AI conference (Rasa): A primer in BERTology: what we know about how BERT works.

07.05.2021 Virtual talk at LTI colloquium (Carnegie Mellon University): The quest for difficult benchmarks in question answering and reading comprehension.

05.05.2021 :tada: One long paper accepted to ACL 2021 main track, and two to Findings! Preprints coming.

20.04.2021 Tutorial on Reviewing NLP research at EACL 2021.

12.01.2021 The Primer in BERTology came out in TACL, and will be presented at NAACL 2021.

02.12.2020 What Can We Do To Improve Peer Review in NLP is featured in the Science Report (and also the Gradient).

30.10.2020 I am the new secretary of SIGREP! Many thanks to all who voted for me.

25.10.2020 Two papers accepted! When BERT plays the lottery, all tickets are winning will appear in EMNLP 2020, and What Can We Do To Improve Peer Review in NLP - in Findings of EMNLP.

17.09.2020 Virtual talk at NYU Center for Data Science: When BERT plays the lottery, all tickets are winning.

25.06.2020 Our Primer in BERTology is accepted to TACL!

18.06.2020 How Much Should Conversational AI Developers know about ML and Linguistics? I'm in a panel discussion with Emily M. Bender, Thomas Wolf, and Vladimir Vlasov at the Level 3 AI Assistant Conference.

01.06.2020 Starting my new job at the Center for Social Data Science in the University of Copenhagen!

04.2020 Honored to serve as publicity chair for both EMNLP and COLING 2020!