Outreach activities

Talks for non-academic audience

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Social Media

Media (selected)

* either stories for which I was interviewed, or highlighting work to which I contributed

  • CNN: Danish researchers use machine learning to predict aspects of individual lives, including when someone might die, 12.23.2023
  • Science Report: Nyt studie peger på flere udfordringer med peer review, 02.12.2021
  • WIRED: Artificial Intelligence Confronts a ‘Reproducibility’ Crisis, 09.16.2019
  • Tech Xplore: Investigating the self-attention mechanism behind BERT-based architectures, 11.09.2019
  • Quanta, WIRED: Machines Beat Humans on a Reading Test. But Do They Understand?, 17.10.2019

Cross-disciplinary lectures

  • NLP with Python @ ESSLLI 2019: an introductory NLP course aimed primarily at linguists rather than computer scientists (URL, reflections on the course